Saturday, July 18, 2009

Conclusion of the Episcopal General Convention

Durer, The Landauer Altarpiece

Jim Naughton has an outstanding opinion piece in the Guardian.

It reads in part:

Our church has not sought to increase the strain in the communion, but to redistribute it. The suffering on all sides of the debate over homosexuality must be borne by the entire church. Ideally, it would be borne by the entire communion in the form of generous pastoral discretion and respect for the discernment of individual provinces, but Williams and a majority of the primates have rejected this most Anglican of accommodations in favour of a single-issue magisterium on the issue of homosexuality.

The NY Times interviewed +Gene Robinson at the Convention Thursday.


June Butler said...

Doug, thanks for the link. Jim said it well, didn't he? I didn't get to meet him in Anaheim, and I'm sorry about that.

Lapinbizarre said...

Love the Landauer altarpiece, but only now noticed the small Dürer self-portrait, lower right.

Counterlight said...

Herr Landauer is in there too. He's on the left being introduced by the cardinal saint (Jerome, I presume). He spent his last days in the hospital that he founded, and for which this altarpiece was painted.