Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Bastille Day Mimi, Where Ever You Are!

Keeping with tradition, I'll start with the French triumphalist gloire. Here is the Hector Berlioz setting of La Marseillaise featuring Placido Domingo:

Here's another kind of French gloire. Edith Piaf sings another great French anthem:

For us Yanks, it just wouldn't be Bastille Day without this old chestnut:

Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!

Mes Amis, Vive La France!

Cassoulet for everybody!

Here's a tribute to La Belle France from a very great American.


Ma cher Mimi is back from Anaheim.


bls said...

Oh, la, la! Piaf, la belle!

Merci mille et dix mille fois....

June Butler said...

Mon cher Counterlight, I'm here!

Bonne fête de Bastille! Thanks again for ma chère Edith. No one sings La Vie en Rose like her. No one.

Counterlight said...


It was my pleasure.

Paul said...

De temps en temps il nous faut revenir aux jours lointains. Merci pour les chansons de Piaf!

This has given me a great deal of pleasure.