Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jon Stewart is the next Cronkite?

It's official, Jon Stewart is America's favorite, the "most trusted man in America."

It says something about the quality of broadcast news in this country that the most popular newscaster isn't really a newscaster and never claimed to be one. He is what he has always claimed to be, a comedian who satirizes broadcast news.

I love Jon Stewart. I think he's the best newscaster we've got.


Rick+ said...

I absolutely agree with you! I get so tickled watching John Stewart. For someone who's not a newscaster, however, you can bet he's read the books of the guests he invites, and he pulls in some high ranking folks.

June Butler said...

That makes three of us, then. Brian Williams? I don't think so.

And Jon reads the books!

Counterlight said...

Jon reads the books, and he must have a first rate staff.

motheramelia said...

I love Jon Stewart. Don't watch it till the next day though. Eleven is too late for me. He is the best newscaster we've got.

David G. said...

I always thought Jane Pauley could fill Walter's shoes, after all,..she lives it everyday!!