Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Ride the Lightining, Motherf*cker!"

People not listenin' to you? You gettin' disrespected? Things just not goin' your way?
Then taser 'em!

Digby presents Stephen Colbert doing a brilliant send-up of the latest trend in police brutality, tasers.
It's so funny, you'll spasm.

This one's for all the little men with big guns out there who get no respect.

Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag ... and zap 'em!


motheramelia said...

Yes, TGFSC. I really like his work. Thanks for the link I agree with Digby on the whole Taser issue. Police just seem to Taser first and think later. Sorry I missed that Stephen Colbert Show.

David G. said...

I have 2 tazers, one is older than the other and packs quite a punch. The newer one is safer to use on heart (that's what it says in the info.)

I've used the older one a few times on an asshole I used to work with who became stalker-like, and had to be punished. (he's in the Coleman Correctional Facility on unrelated convictions)
I haven't had to use either one in years, and they gather dust in the top of my closet.