Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Struggle Continues in Texas

Whatever you do, don't kiss your boyfriend in a taco shack in El Paso.

After reading this article in the El Paso Times, I'm wondering, what's a taco shack doing with security guards?  El Paso is a rough place built on human exploitation with a shooting war taking place between drug cartels across the river in Juarez, but really!

As for the "every business has the right to refuse service" excuse, I can remember in my boyhood seeing signs prominently displayed in cafeterias that said "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."  We all knew who anyone was, and it wasn't gay boys.  In Dallas in 1965, Black folk and Mexican folk  were supposed to be bussing the tables, not sitting at them.

Hat tip to Jay V for finding this.

Come to think of it, life ain't a bed of roses here in New York either.  Bashings are going up with a series committed by one kid on the Upper East Side.  Greenwich Village is becoming riskier after dark these days with rising crime and especially more gay bashing.

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