Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'll Believe It When I See It

The BBC reports that Obama told the Human Rights Campaign that he will end the military ban on gays serving openly, and will lobby Congress to repeal the "Defense of Marriage" Act.

No word about when he's going to do any of this. So far, it appears that the HRC leadership is acting like the leadership of the Democratic Party and saying "Wait! The time is not yet right!"

The quite straight and married Iraq War veteran Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy from Pennsylvania does not agree with the leadership of "the nation's foremost gay rights lobby."
He believes that the time for repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell is NOW. He is already holding hearings on the issue.

What does it say about the "official" leadership of the gay movement when a hetero Congressman is actually ahead of them on a crucial issue?


ueberg-g said...

It says that the official "leaders" of the movement know that as soon as we get equality they will be out of their well paid positions (Joe Solomnese of HRC gets well over a quarter of a million per year). They won't be getting invited to all the fancy Washington parties either.

Counterlight said...

So ueber-g,
How was the march? America wants to know.

JCF said...

It actually makes, first and foremost, a convincing point in the argument we've been having w/ the wingnuts: that gay people are just people! ;-/

JCF, another TG person w/ little use for HRC...