Friday, October 9, 2009

Just For Madpriest

Why does he find them?

A great classic from a bygone era:

I used to listen to this and things like it on the old WBAP in Dallas late at night when they played music for the truck drivers.

I used to love C&W back in the days when it was about drinkin' and fightin', lovin' and losin'. You could hear the isolation, the loneliness, the hardships, and the occasional shit-kickin' fun of rural life. Now it's just pop music with a Southern twang, or it's all about "back in the day when my daddy ..." And there are all the "America Love It or Leave It" anthems beloved by Fox News pundits and Republican apparatchiks who have even fewer authentic redneck credentials than I do.

(I may be an artist faggot in New York, but unlike a certain beloved former President, I really am from Texas, I've been on the back of a horse a few times, and I've stepped in my share of cow shit).

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MadPriest said...

Such smart young men.