Monday, October 12, 2009

Madonna Who?

See what happens when your product is way past the freshness date, and after you've dissed and discarded the gay fans who made you famous?
Someone like Lady Gaga who is smart, young, and talented (more so than a host of other pop divas over the last 20 years) comes along and steals your thunder, together with a whole new generation of gay boys (including Michael who is thoroughly smitten).
It also helps that she was at the rally in DC yesterday, someone who stands by her fans.

People diss her for being "freaky." After the last 8 years, what the fuck is normal anymore?

She's a little bit of the Force of Life after all that recollected death and grief on Shepard Day.


Ueber-G said...

Overheard at the Ralley in DC, when Lady Gaga said that her favorite singer was Judy Garland: "Oh girlfriend, she did not just go there!"

But you are right, she was there! The Broadway cast of Hair was there, going dark for the day and losing quite a bit of money in the process.

This is a post-Madonna generation. Generation Y. They could be called Generation Why. They don't just accept things, they question WHY? They know that if Heather's two mommies are legally married the world is not going to come to a stop.

One of the amazing things, for me, was seeing how many straight kids (and adults) were there supporting their gay friends/family.

Counterlight said...

I wish Washington was right next to Dublin 6. Mimi would have loved the rally.
I'd regret not being there, except that I was having a great time with Mimi, Mary O, Bruce, and others.

Thanks for going there on behalf of all of us.