Sunday, October 11, 2009

Matthew Shepard Day

Funeral of Jose Sucuzhanay

Here is what I posted last year, No More Martyrs!

More names must be added to the list, including the name of one straight man murdered because he was mistaken for being gay. We must remember that all the names we see in the press are only those crimes that we know about and have identified as hate crimes, and which the media have decided are noteworthy for whatever reason. Most of these crimes are unnoticed and anonymous. There are the legions who were targeted and murdered in Iraq for being gay by violent religious fanatics.

Violence remains a central fact of life for all LGBTs across the board regardless of class or race. It is omnipresent and affects all kinds of decisions from whether or not to walk with a partner down a certain street to what city, state, and country a couple can live in together and have a future together.

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