Saturday, October 10, 2009

The March

Best wishes to all the marchers in Washington DC! Let Freedom ring from California to Maine!


Wouldn't ya know, I had to go to the BBC to find coverage of the march.

The BBC even has pictures.

More pictures here.

The NYTimes finally has a little something here.

The NYTimes reports on a growing rift between the establishment gay leadership that wants to proceed with caution through the tangled court politics and intrigues of Washington, and the younger generation that is impatient for results.
I agree with the kids.
To HRC or not to HRC? That is a question. I got schnookered into monthly donations to them out of my credit card. I'm not at all happy with them, starting with the name of the organization (I want the words gay, lesbian, bi, and transgendered somewhere publicly in the name of a GAY organization), and ending with its policy decisions (some of us in NYC haven't forgotten the D'Amato endorsement).
It's only my inner gay activist terror of division in the face of the enemy threat that keeps me from calling the credit card company.
Perhaps I should spend my hard earned money on something more productive like Patrick Murphy's re-election campaign.