Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Destroy Dallas!

Every summer, New York gets destroyed in the movies about a dozen times over, by meteors, aliens, tidal waves, earthquakes, giant lizards, you name it.

Wouldn't it be nice to see some place else get destroyed?

Well, here is my hometown, Dallas getting creamed by asteroids, even Highland Park, and to Wagner!
DART trains, pick-up trucks, and Southwestern objets d'art go flying.

Watch those debutantes and real estate developers run!

It's amazing how asteroids in these movies always manage to find city centers. For those of you who like to play with Google Earth, downtowns are actually fairly small precise targets.

Thanks to Toujoursdan, who has a similar fondness for Big D, for finding this.

And continuing with the Armageddon in Dallas theme, here is my old favorite, Dallas Rapture (and very 1970s Dallas at that).

And in the interest of fairness, here is New York destroyed by movie meteors:


susan s. said...

I think it has to do with tall buildings or bright objects on towers. They are like lightning rods to asteroids, you know. :-)

Rick+ said...

     We have so much in common! As a native Nevadan, I watched Stephen King's The Stand just to see Las Vegas get creamed!

it's margaret said...

But that's just not right! --they undo all the damage at the end!