Thursday, December 17, 2009

Programming Notice

I'm still in the middle of End-of-the-Semester madness. The final grades are due the 23rd, so postings here will continue to be the short cranky things you've seen for over a week now.
I was hoping to post something for Advent, but that looks impossible now. I can't make any guarantees for posting anything particularly original or thoughtful for Christmas this year beyond the usual Fra Angelico and 15th century Flemmish Christmas cards.
Michael and I both have been just too busy and too broke for Christmas this year. We have no idea what our plans are for that day. We'll probably go out to Long Island and spend it with his family this year.

I'll finish up the Saint Peter's posts after Christmas, and then start something else. I have no idea right now what that will be.

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Leonard said...

I appreciate cranky...I can always use a few ¨pointers¨...

Happy everything or bah humbug, all skate,