Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Feeling Rotten and Making Everyone Else Miserable is Every New Yorker's God Given Right!"

"What do you mean New Yorkers are neurotic and paranoid?"

New York is now officially the most miserable state in the union. We are 51st on the Happy Scale according to some over-paid researchers with nothing better to do. You folks in New Jersey aren't much better off. You come in at 50. And stop looking so smug up there in Connecticut. You come in at 49. But Washington DC, the city that hosts Congress, is up there at 37? Come on people!!

The idea that 8 million people crowded together on 14 little islands together with a large state in the process of going broke and emptying out could actually make people unhappy surprises me less than some of the other discoveries.

Louisiana the happiest state?!!!!! Louisiana?!! ... Louisiana edged out Hawaii as the happiest state?!!!! You mean people prefer gators, mosquitos, hurricanes, Bobby Jindal, and corruption to Hawaii?!! Could Grandmere Mimi really be happier in Thibodaux with her crepe myrtles than she would be in a house with hibiscus high up on a slope in Maui with a sweeping view of the rest of the island and the Pacific?
I would agree that a plate full of jambalaya or a plate of boiled shrimp with a side of rice and hush puppies is heaven, but would I really take that over Hawaii? ... let me get back to you on that after I finish this plate ...

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


June Butler said...

Counterlight, you'd better come up with the right answers to your questions, or I'm coming after you to make you even more miserable, paranoid, and neurotic.

Now I'm hungry.

Rick+ said...

     Or you could come to the Nevada, the happiest place on earth! No... wait... that's Disneyland isn't it. Well... um... we have sagebrush!

rick allen said...

In my experience, limited as it is, New Yorkers are just as happy as Louisianans. It's just that New Yorkers hate admitting that they are happy, and Louisianans hate admitting that they're not.

The fundamental flaw of polling.

Hope you and yours have a happy Christmas, in spite of all.

Counterlight said...

very good point rick allen.