Friday, December 4, 2009

Pope Pius XII is Still Dead

Our Presiding Bishop put another nail in his coffin. No more polite and self-serving ecclesiastical silence in the face of crime.

"Here lies Sir Tact whose silence was not golden, but yellow."

Apparently, ++Canterbury wishes to join the late Pope in his sepulchral silence. Ruth Gledhill received a statement saying that the Archbishop did not want to interfere in an internal political matter in Uganda. Really? Nothing stopped him from inserting himself into the internal affairs of the Episcopal Church where he officially has no jurisdiction. How much should we rely on a man who put the demeaning word "mere" before "human rights"?

When it comes to oppression and genocide, the proper response is loud screaming sirens and flashing lights.


Leonard said...

Really Doug,

You´re starting to get to me with the Pius XII stuff, you know very well the man still gives me nightmares and here you´ve got the ACTUAL DEAD MAN HIMSELF (with any luck at all) my parents probably shielded me from this photo at the time as they knew he made me scream out in movie theatres during Blk/Wht Newsreels...probably Benny visits his crypt in the dead, yes dead, of night or simply stares at that horrid statue in the nave of St. Peters (after his din/din and the place is closed down).

Leonard said...

Finally some good news, I just read your to beddybye

Lapinbizarre said...

Photograph taken before his nose fell off.