Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kinkajou Foxtrot

My students are in the middle of final exam hell.
I'm in the calm before the next phase of grading hell.
Christmas is going to be a little bare for Michael and I this year, as it will be for lots of people (except for the Masters of the Universe and the insurance executives).
I'm so cranky over seeing the last best chance for any real health insurance reform shot down by parliamentary sabotage.
I'm sad that the ideology of "Get the Hell Off My Lawn!" appears to be destiny despite what the voters might really think.
A long barren future of war, poverty, and prisons for our country stretches to the horizon as far as my eye can see.
A world made safe for (some) white people.

So, what makes me feel better is to get the cats together and do the Kinkajou Foxtrot!

Willy loves this. Works with dogs too. Try it at home!


Unknown said...

How very cool! Tried with my three pups, but had to do it one at a time and they all wanted to do it together!

I so wanted it to get through too because the Republicans are going to kill it and it will probably be years before we see anything again. UGH!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I pinched this!