Monday, June 7, 2010

Musings for Sore Crusty Eyes

Why is it that people who call themselves "libertarians" are attracted to autocratic institutions like corporations, the military, and very doctrinal churches?

Why is it that people who insist on a very literal interpretation of the constitution (sans all amendments except the Second) are so in love with arbitrary power, in the hands of police and other enforcement agents, and especially in the hands of executives; political, corporate, military, or religious?

This is a puzzlement.


Unknown said...

I agree.

kishnevi said...

The answer to your conundrum--most of them they really aren't libertarian.

They are just using the label because it sounds good, or because they think it only means "small federal government". But they're just run of the mill conservatives.

If you want to see real libertarian views on police power, etc. try this blog by Radley Balko