Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday, Crappy Sunday

I'm at home today with a painful eye infection.
I've had it since Friday, but it got dramatically worse on my way to church this morning. I detoured into Beth Israel where I spent a very long morning waiting, being poked and prodded, eye drops of one kind and another, vision tests, and lights of various kinds shined into my eyes. My vision is fine, but my eyes really hurt sometimes.
I'm on antibiotic drops, and some other drops to relieve the pain, but don't seem to be working very well. It's too soon to say about the antibiotic. I expect that things will start to improve tomorrow evening. I will make an appointment with an eye doctor tomorrow. This is the second time I've had something like this in 3 years. Before, I had a really painful case of pink eye. I don't think that's what I've got this time, but it's something like it.

I would also like my dear readers to remember Michael. I'm not at liberty to say what the issue is, but it's the end result of a series of blatant injustices he has endured over the past 3 years. We hope that all shall be resolved on Wednesday, and that Michael can make a new start.


June Butler said...

Baby, Baby, I'm so sorry about the eye infection. What a bitch, as is the time in the emergency room, but, at least, you started treatment, which you badly needed to do.

I will pray for you and for Michael, that justice shall be done on his behalf, and he will be free to make a new start.


Allen said...

You and Michael are in my prayers.
What a bitch, as Mimi says. And here I was feeling jealous of you because Bishop Christopher was preaching at your church today.

I hope your eye gets better fast and that Michael's problems are resolved satisfactorily.

Leonard said...

Doug and Michael and wish you wellness and´s not easy to face eye problems (when one is a artist) nor people problems when one is being treated unfairly.

Love to you both,


JayV said...

Prayers ascending for you and Michael and all good wishes for a speedy recovery and healing. - Jay Vos

Mary Clara said...

Holding you both in prayer.

And thank you for your amazing blog which continues to bring me a lot of enlightenment and pleasure.

Rick+ said...

You are both in my prayers this night, Doug.

Counterlight said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and your prayers. They work better than the pain medication.