Thursday, June 17, 2010

Please Remember Michael

The ficus tree in our kitchen started out as a twig with 2 little leaves. It now spreads through almost a quarter of the kitchen. Our 2 enormous spider plants were once a single little sprig. Both of our cats are foundlings. Michael found Betty in a garbage can, thrown out by her owner. Today, they are both spoiled rotten and happy. I live in the best and happiest home I've ever known. Our little household flourishes, and it is all Michael's work.
He's worked since he was 13 and had a paper route. He bought his first car while he was in high school. He supported his family on more than one occasion. He carried me for a few years. He's never had anything less than a near perfect credit score.
And now, he has been treated so unjustly. Seeing him cry is a knife through my heart.

I've known since I was a teen that all that stuff about hard work and honesty and enterprise being rewarded with riches, and that the rich and powerful are that way because they are smart, good, and had God's favor, was all bullshit. But, it's quite another thing to see that it's all bullshit so forcefully demonstrated right in front of me.

I'm not at liberty to say what the problem is, but please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers. There are a lot of good people like him suffering so terribly and unjustly in this recession. We're owned and ruled by crooks folks, and they've gotten damn rich off of our labor and out of our savings. Everything from both of the wars we're currently fighting to your jobs is about making them richer.

Saint Cyndi, pray for Michael and pray for us all.


susan s. said...

Whatever is the problem, I am so sorry. I can tell that this is cutting you both up. Prayers for Michael and for you as you both deal with it.

it's margaret said...

Michael and you and your whole household are in my prayers.

Unknown said...

You and Michael are in my prayers.

rick allen said...

I will certainly keep your problems in mind, and hope they ease.

And I think you are correct to keep some things to yourselves. Talking about the internet, I am all in favor about how it brings people together, but I often advise people (starting with my own kids) that there are plenty of people out there who will try to use what is private against you. Perhaps I am paranoid, but I sometimes wonder if all that we say is collected, sifted, filed away someplace.

And even if those fears are nonsense, it is still good, I think, to keep that zone of privacy in such a publicly-accessible place.

So, whatever, I hope all turns out well.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers for both of you!

JCF said...

Prayers ascending!

May his angelic patron fight on your Michael's behalf...

[JCF, who worshipped in "the ol' home parish" of St. Michael's, Carmichael, CA, this morning. {*} We unpack the truck tomorrow---prayers for safe passage requested! ;-/ ---and then the move is, for the moment anyway, DONE. JCF is Da Kalifornia Kid again...

{*} Ironically, "the ol' home parish" is far and away the NEWEST Episcopal parish I've ever been a member of (it was founded in 1959, and built in the mid-60s. Ya want your MODERN church? We got it! :-X)]

Counterlight said...


Best wishes for the return to California. Certainly the weather will be an improvement over Michigan.

The Episcopal Church is like Paris, ancient and ever young.