Sunday, June 13, 2010

The World Cup in New York

Yanks may well be indifferent to Soccer and the World Cup, but not in New York. Perhaps it's because we have a large population of recent immigrants and ex-pats, but the city is crazy with World Cup fever. The bars in the East Village were packed to the gills with people watching the USA vs. England game (and they were drinking copiously). To my surprise, the Australia vs. Germany match today has bigger than expected crowds watching in the bars. One bar in the Village even had a TV out on the sidewalk (I presume for the smokers banished to the "Bloomberg Lounge") with a big crowd of people watching.
I have no idea who to root for. I have ancestral ties to Germany, but no desire to diss Australia. Good Guys, YAY!! Bad Guys, BOOO!!


Unknown said...

I am with you! I'm not much of a sorts fan in general, in fact I usually skip the Sunday sports page but NOT today! I had to see the results from the World Cup!

I kind of rooted for America, but spent most my ancestral ties are with Ireland and I'm frustrated that they didn't make it!

Katy said...

I've noticed the same thing here in Houston. As we debate spending millions of dallors to build a staduim for our soccer team, all the bars and resturants are full of people watching the World Cup. I'm not a sports person and I confess that I don't even really watch soccer, but its fun to see the US slowly joining the rest of the world.