Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rule of Law? I'll Give You Rule of Law!

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So, anyone care to take bets on when some President of the USA will figure out that all these new powers for for fighting the WAR ON TERROR!!! would work great for eliminating opposition? You know that's going to happen someday. It's as inevitable as the sunrise. It could be a president from either party. Hell, it could even be this one. It turns out that Obama's just as interested in the "unitary executive" as Dubya ever was.

We'll have our own little dirty war on dissidents (left or right) someday complete with secret prisons, torture chambers, and mass graves full of the "disappeared." And I'll bet you that it will be popular with strong support in some quarters. The poll numbers will be high and Fox News will sing praises of the new draconian policy. They'll give it some NewSpeak title like "The Strengthen Freedom Act." "Those bastards are getting what's coming to them," some bitter old fart will say into a teevee camera some day, with nods of approval all around. It happened in Argentina, and we helped it to happen in places like Chile, Brazil, and Guatemala. We've already had practice. Maybe it's time to bring the practice home.

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