Tuesday, April 26, 2011

America Now

"... as hard and as cracked as the Liberty Bell." -- Eliot Smith

So much politics these days is driven by crazy bitter old white people who would burn their own houses down rather than see anyone who isn't them get anything. A lot of very rich and powerful people are there with the matches to help them do it, and are ready to relieve them of their damaged property and assets, "just sign the deed over to me and your worries will be over."

I notice that there's something of a backlash starting against all of this madness. Some of those very same bitter old white folk discovered that the smooth talking white guy in the suit who promised to keep the brown people out has his hand on their wallets and is about to break into their homes and steal their retirement money. Maybe those black and brown folk that they're so afraid of aren't really their enemies after all. Someone else is.

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