Thursday, April 14, 2011

Music For John Galt

(Actually, I think a lot of right-wing aesthetic these days is mostly Leni Riefenstahl set to country-western music)


Audrey said...

Leni set to country western music!
The other day I was telling Kitt about how much I loved your blog... so graceful, filled with incredible intellectual insight, and just plain touching (your Boarders bookstore memories). But the little John Galt--Leni country music sentence I'm going to nominate for internet quip award of the year! And it's only April 2011!!

Paul said...

Positively brill, Doug!

Counterlight said...

Nothing like some over-the-top Richard Strauss in the morning to help John Galt Free The Beast all over those collectivist lackeys.

"A Hero's life" indeed.