Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fluffy Bunnies

An American Voter

Last week, at the end of down-to-the-wire budget negotiations, the Dems not only gave away the store, they gave the Republicans change, lottery tickets, Green Stamps, and cab fare home.
Today's Democratic Party gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "throw away your vote."
I'm ready to vote for the Greens, the National Vegetarian Party, or even the American branch of the Raving Monster Loony Party. That party's proposal to drain the water out of lakes and fill them with wine so we could have pre-marinated trout isn't nearly as crazy or destructive as what's about to sail through Congress and the White House with the blessing of a thoroughly corrupt Supreme Court where conflicts of interest are just part of business.

We American fluffy bunnies will just roll over meekly for it all with hardly a peep of protest, until it's time to retire and we find that the Medicare and Social Security we've been paying into all of our working lives are gone, replaced by a coupon for 20% off as we confront the tender mercies of the Insurance and Healthcare industries. By that time, it will be too late.

Us fluffy bunny voters will discover that Our Betters expect us to be rabbit stew in the end.

I suppose our Democratic leadership's response to Republican outrages will continue to be "Shine your shoes mister?" Meanwhile, our new aspiring Overlords are holding the Bible and Atlas Shrugged while singing "Tomorrow Belongs to Me."

Chardin, Rabbit with Copper Pot, c.1739


Wormwood's Doxy said...

I don't even know what to say anymore, Counterlight...

What is especially painful is to see so many progressives trying to convince themselves that Obama and the Dems are "doing the best they can."

Apparently the ability to lie to yourself is not the sole property of Tea Baggers....

Melissa said...


Really, it could have been worse. From this article it looks like he pulled a few fast ones on them.

Laura said...

Hmmm. So Melissa's article notes:

"Still, Obama and his Democratic allies accepted $600 million in cuts to community health centers programs, $414 million in cuts to grants for state and local police departments, and a $1.6 billion reduction in the Environmental Protection Agency budget, almost $1 billion of which would come from grants for clean water and other projects by local governments and Indian tribes. Community development block grants, a favorite with mayors of both political parties, take a $950 million cut."

And: "And renewable energy programs are cut $407 million below last year, almost 20 percent. The Army Corps of Engineers, which funds flood control and inland waterway projects, will absorb a $578 million cut, representing about 10 percent of its budget."

1.6 B. cut from EPA, 20% cut to already ridiculously low renewable energy programs.

Yes, the future is in good hands.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

And not only accepted them--but CONGRATULATED them!

Apparently there are no progressive principles--or Americans who are not millionaires--worth defending anymore....

JCF said...


I hope I get marinated in a nice wine sauce, as I made into stew...

Pr. James Harbaugh STS said...


Couple of quick comments on your post & responses.

1. Remember, Obama isn't a progressive, he's merely an adult. And we received a kind of catharsis to have the first adult chief executive since Carter.

1a. But the snotnosed, smartassed 5th graders are ready to step back into the WH in DC, unless it's Trump, change 5th grader to kindergardener.

2. Isn't the Raving Monster Looney Party already in charge?