Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Open Studios

For all of my readers in the New York area:

Come see where the magic is made.

I will be participating in the Artists Alliance's 15th Annual Open Studios, this year in cooperation with the CSV Center, and with The New Museum's Festival Of Ideas For The New City.

Studios will be open on Saturday, May 7, from 5 to 9PM, and on Sunday, May 8, from 12PM to 6PM.

The CSV Center (pictured below) is at 107 Suffolk, on the corner of Suffolk and Rivington in the middle of Manhattan's Lowah East Side. My studio is #407 on the 4th floor in an old elementary school building whose most famous alum was Edward G. Robinson. The late great tenor Richard Tucker got his start as a cantor a block away down Rivington at the old Romanian Synagogue (lately torn down and replaced with a thousand-dollar-a-night hotel, oy!)

Those of you thinking about driving in, don't. There's no place to park. Take a train or a bus. The nearest subway stop is the Delancey-Essex stop on the F, J, M, and Z trains. From there it is a short walk, barely a block, to the CSV Center.

I hope to meet all of my New York area readership there, both of you!

--Doug Blanchard


Unknown said...

Oh, how I wish I was close by!! Hope the turn out to see your paintings is great.

JCF said...

I'll be there in spirit!

June Butler said...

Doug, I was going to post on the open studios today, but MadPriest has, so I will wait a day or so.

Do you still have the Orpheus painting? That's one of my favorites, and I'd like to use it in my post.

Counterlight said...


Don't worry about it. I'm not expecting a huge turnout from Louisiana. The notice is primarily for folks in the New York area.

I'm so happy you like the Orpheus painting. That's one of my favorites too. I'm at work and don't have access to my store of images, but I'll send it to you first thing tomorrow.

June Butler said...

My dear Doug, would you believe it if I told you that a few folks from the York area read my blog? :-)

Yes, please send me the Orpheus.

Counterlight said...

"My dear Doug, would you believe it if I told you that a few folks from the York area read my blog? :-)"

Well, of course.

June Butler said...

LOL! I seem to have misplaced the "New". I have a few readers in the old York, too. Maybe some of them will fly over for the show. You never know.