Thursday, January 27, 2011

David Kato Is Murdered

Thugs broke into the home of prominent Ugandan gay activist David Kato yesterday afternoon and beat him to death with hammers. The Ugandan police say the crime was motivated by robbery, but no one is buying that explanation. Kato was a target of death threats for months. When the local Ugandan paper Rolling Stone published its list of gays under the headline "Hang Them!" Kato's picture was on the front. Gay activists in Uganda are already laying the blame for Kato's death on American Evangelicals who've driven and financed Uganda's anti-gay pogrom.

God's own holy homophobes are "washed in the blood," but it's not of the Lamb.

Do people really imagine that they can demonize a group of people from pulpits and in parliament, publish a list of names and photos in a local paper under the headline "Hang Them!" and that there would be no consequences?

Moral relativism anybody?

I suppose the rights and dignity of some people are relative to doctrinal purity and sectarian identity.

Anglican and other Christian bishops who value institutional unity and integrity over human dignity also bear their share of responsibility for his death. As far as I am concerned, they are in no position to be preaching anything to anyone.

JoeMyGod profiles a major American player in the Ugandan pogrom, and other African anti-gay pogroms, an extreme hater named Scott Lively. Lively is now furiously trying to distance himself and other American Evangelicals involved in Uganda away from Kato's murder.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a statement condemning Kato's murder.

This crime is a reminder of the heroic generosity of the people who advocate for and defend human rights on behalf of the rest of us -- and the sacrifices they make. And as we reflect on his life, it is also an occasion to reaffirm that human rights apply to everyone, no exceptions, and that the human rights of LGBT individuals cannot be separated from the human rights of all persons. Our ambassadors and diplomats around the world will continue to advance a comprehensive human rights policy, and to stand with those who, with their courage, make the world a more just place where every person can live up to his or her God-given potential. We honor David’s legacy by continuing the important work to which he devoted his life.

You can read her statement in full on the Advocate website.

Hat tip to JoeMyGod.


Leonard said...

Exactly and President Museveni as his wife Janet, MP anti-LGBTI pontificator stand by and bathe in the glorious destraction of demonizing LGBTI Ugandas as vertical corruption, civil/tribal war, child witchburning and sex slavery run rampant in Ugandan society--then of course their are African Bishops such as Anglican Henry Orombi who preach exclusion at the Body of Christ while meanwhile being ¨spiritual counselor¨ to the likes of MP David ¨Kill the Gays¨ Bahati. The whole of Ugandan society is misled and dangerous at the core...all in the name of a God who COMMANDS love not hate.

Lord have mercy on the innoncent, the brave and the vicious cowards and irresponsible thugs in Uganda.

Counterlight said...

So far, not a word from a single bloody bishop.

Unknown said...


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

It's the way of the World...

Counterlight said...

A comment that was sent anonymously:

"Another update here: It is wise to distinguish between the churchianity which preaches hate/death towards any living being and the universal Life and Love Principle of the master Christ Jesus who lived his miraculous and non-condenming message "GOD is LOVE." The man who seems dead in the flesh is truly alive in GOD, the only Life, and moreso than those who seem to live in flesh;so fear and fret not and forgive your enemies who choose to live and bear within themselves the morbid, joyless consequences of the emnity within them. Bless all of you who serve Life, Truth and Love."

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