Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moral Relativists

From a call to action by people concerned about the moral slide of the Episcopal Church and the nation (from a post by Anglicans United, hat tip to Mimi):

The conference brought together evangelicals, charismatics and broad-church traditional Episcopalians who shared a growing sense of alarm at the continuing moral and doctrinal slide of their Church.

Opposed to moral and doctrinal relativism, the conference highlighted the Revelation of God in the Scriptures, and called for the Renewal of God’s people. Alarmed by trends within the denomination, everyone saw the need for Reformation.

Below are some moral relativists:

Fanny Ann Eddy

Harvey Milk

Fr. Mychal Judge

David Wojnarowicz

The morals crowd talks a good game about heroic suffering and martyrdom, but these folks really lived it, and paid for their vision of a just world for their own kind with their lives.

Moral relativists don't charge police barricades and spend nights in jail. Apparently, aspiring morals police don't either.

If Moral Virtue was Christianity
Christs Pretensions were all Vanity
And Caiphas & Pilate Men
[Of Moral] & the Lions Den
And not the Sheepfold Allegories
Of God & Heaven & their Glories
The Moral Christian is the Cause
Of the Unbeliever & his Laws

--William Blake, from "The Everlasting Gospel"