Friday, January 28, 2011

Uganda's Righteous Rogues

Here's the now infamous headline that may well have led to David Kato's death.

If, God forbid, Uganda becomes the gay Rwanda, these people should be put on a plane to The Hague. As far as I'm concerned, all of these people are already complicit in David Kato's murder.

Scott Lively photographed in Uganda. His antigay rhetoric is only slightly less unhinged than Fred Phelps, but just as violent.

Martin Ssempa, Uganda's most famous Christian pastor and the leader of the whole anti-gay movement.

MP David Bahati who introduced the notorious "Kill the Gays" bill into Uganda's parliament, and appears to be the Christianist point man in the Ugandan government.

Pastor Rick Warren who is trying very hard to distance himself from Uganda these days, but it's a spot that won't wash out, especially since Warren has only "softened" but not rejected his homophobia.

The C Street house in Washington DC of the secretive far-right group known as The Family, originally founded in the 1930s to back Francisco Franco's Fascist takeover of Spain, this group of very wealthy and powerful people may well be writing most of the checks for this whole neo-colonial experiment in Christianist theocracy.

Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi, among the most extremely anti-American and anti-gay of the African Anglican bishops, but comes across as the voice of reason compared to some of the more bloodthirsty and hysterical rantings that prevail these days in Uganda.

Uganda's history is already full of violence and bloodshed. I can't imagine that the Ugandan people really would be enthusiastic for more.
There may be some small cause to hope that the better angels might prevail. There was a strikingly reasonable and generous (by Ugandan Standards) editorial in the Kampala based Daily Monitor. There may well be more Ugandans than we think who realize that they are being played by powerful foreigners who certainly do not have their best interests at heart.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Even in the days/daze of Nigerias Archbishop Peter ¨Massacre of Yelwa¨ Akinola I knew Henry Luke Orombi of Uganda was the REAL THREAT to the Anglican Communion (not to mention mankind). I watched an interview with him years ago and HE IS BELIEVABLE even when saying evil slanderous junktalk about people like me that I don´t want to hear--words that destroy individuals, their families both in Uganda and abroad--besides, as our friend Fr. Jake has often mentioned, Orombi and his bordercrossing buddies are basically thieves--I´ll stand with that assessment and raise Orombi´s friendly confident manner to a TERROR ALERT FIVE! BTW, in his own words ¨I once was quite a skirt chaser¨ -- just to be clear he didn´t dabble in pulling down Men´s Zippers...I´m certain the young college audience preened for him. Nasty business these religiouslike human beings.

IT said...

Good for you, counterlight. Put the bright light of day on these people.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I am pinching this post for Facebook, if I may...

Counterlight said...

You may.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Thanks for exposing the connections, Doug. All these people are part of the vast right-wing conspiracy that was labeled a figment of Hilary Clinton's imagination. The truth of the conspiracy is vaster than we ever imagined.