Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Wikipedia!

The World Book Encyclopedia and Coronet Films. That was my education.

Thank you Sweet Jesus I lived long enough to see something like Wikipedia! A lot of good information constantly under review, constantly being expanded and updated, it can't help but get better (and it has). And, it's all for free!

My inner educator and my inner Anarcho-Syndicalist couldn't be happier!

May Wikipedia live long and prosper!


Grandmère Mimi said...

Counterlight, I use Wikipedia often in my blog posts. during their recent fund drive, I felt that because of all the use I made of their site, I owed them a donation. I agree that the information on the website gets better and better.

About the Coronet Films, where did you see them? In school? I'm not at all familiar with them.

Counterlight said...

I saw those films in grade school. They were old and corny even then.

Brian R said...

I also make regular use of wikipedia for private interest but, as a teacher-librarian, I warned my students about too much reliance on it. There are many examples in it of error. I have found and corrected some. One in my memory was about the extent of the Newcastle, Australia earthquake. It was ludicrous but my correction did not please a fellow teacher who was using it to illustrate the dangers. of using wikipedia to her students

Counterlight said...

I think any encyclopedia should be used with caution. What I tell my students is that research should begin with an encyclopedia, not end there.