Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandmere!

Who knew that my hard earned tax dollars would be going to fund the indolent life of this freeloader in Thibodaux?  I assume Grandpere keeps the air conditioned Cadillac running while she spends all those food stamps and welfare checks.

But then, I should talk.  I'm one of those unionized public employees dragging this great nation into ruin.  Damn teachers and police and firefighters!  And lets not forget those sanitation workers!  And this woman is a retired librarian!  The unmitigated gall!


Grandmère Mimi said...

Counterlight, what a rogue you are to reveal all my dirty little secrets on the intertubes. Grandpère and I have been leeching off the government for most of our working lives. GP was a union man, too, but - alas - there was no union for librarians.

Thanks for the birthday greeting, my friend.

Ciss B said...

Bless you for the reminder! I am over to her site to make a birthday wish for her!

P.S. Love the post, giggled my way through it!! :-)