Saturday, September 8, 2012

We Had A Tornado

This is not footage taken by a storm chaser in Texas or Oklahoma.  This is footage from Breezy Point east of Coney Island in New York City ( I painted a mural out in Breezy Point years ago).


 A tornado formed about 11:15 this morning over the Atlantic and moved inland over Coney Island, and then eastward to the Rockaways. I was far away in the Bronx at the time teaching class. We don't usually get weather like this. I wonder if the Texas weather followed me here.


Here's a photo of the thing, one of many posted today.

In this city full media whores, everyone is ready with their cameras, though I don't remember Texas with all of its storm chasers and photographers to be that much different.

More tornado pics from today:


Grandmère Mimi said...

That's a mean-looking one. Any news about damage?

I wonder if the Texas weather followed me here.

Could be, but it's most likely a smiting because of teh gay thing. I hear New York is chock full of 'em.

Counterlight said...

No news yet about damage. It looks like most of it went through Jamaica Bay which (believe it or not) is relatively uninhabited nature reserve.

As for teh gays, alert Pat Robertson.

Counterlight said...

The other thing about the video that brings back memories is the air raid siren that you can hear toward the end. Reminds me of my high school graduation. A tornado struck out near Addison in north Dallas a few days before my graduation in 1976. I remember the air raid sirens and Civil Defense radio coming on.

Grandmère Mimi said...

It's fortunate that the tornado passed through relatively uninhabited territory. We have the occasional tornado here in south Louisiana, but we have no sort of warning or preparedness, except the general information to go to an inside place in the house, a closet or in the bathtub.