Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A New Passion Series

Eleven years after completing a 24 panel Passion of Christ series, I'm at it again.  After more than a decade of reflection and discussion, I'm ready to try again.

Work is underway in my studio.  I am working on three of a projected set of 20 panels.  All of these paintings are still "in process" (unfinished).  They are oil on canvas, 26" by 26".
I plan to finish an initial set of 20, and then I may add 5 more.
The panels will be in monochrome and become full color with the Resurrection panels; very Wizard of Oz except I'm not going back to Kansas and monochrome.

Don't hold your breath.  It will be awhile before the series is finished.  I hope to have all 20, or at least most of them, done by sometime in 2020.  I expect teaching responsibilities to take up a lot of my time.

I'm not sure what I'm going to title this.  It shows Christ Emanuel with Job on the left and Isaiah on the right

Jesus Enters the City

The Last Supper


it's margaret said...

First, I'm weeping because of the goddamn poignancy of this series after Orlando....

Second is light-hearted (I hope) --I think Jesu ought to be on a moped, not a donkey!!! Just sayin'!!

Counterlight said...

Moped goes too fast to work crowds. Interesting thought though.

JCF said...

Thus far (I realize it's early on in your work), I think the donkey is my favorite part of the painting!

Blessings on your "liturgy", Doug.