Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Today

In the words of Mother Jones, "Mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living!"

Michael and I are both shocked and horrified by the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando over night.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims; the dead, their families and friends, the injured, with the police and first responders, with everyone whose life was permanently changed in that event last night.

Josiah Wedgwood was an ardent supporter of the effort to abolish African slavery.  He issued this ceramic medallion in 1786 to promote that cause.
In the wake of last night's massacre in Florida, I claim its question for myself and for all those who are like me (for my lesbian and transgendered sisters, the medallion asks "Am I Not A Woman And A Sister?").  I direct the medallion's question toward all those who would deny me full equality, full rights of citizenship, and deny my full humanity for reasons of conscience and religious conviction.
Any answer other than "yes" is not acceptable.  "Yes, but..." is also not acceptable.

Omar Mateen answered this question quite clearly last night.

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