Sunday, June 12, 2016


 The Creation: the conclusion of the Fifth Day.
The 3 Archangels exclaim over the beauty of the newly created world.

Despite our gay kind being continually described as a perversion and an offense against Nature that leads only to sterility and death, God and Nature appear to have no difficulty or reluctance replenishing our ranks. Nature and God always make plenty of us despite so many predicting our destruction and in the face of so many attempts to kill us off (from Inquisitional fires to Hitler to Omar Mateen).
We are part of Nature. We are natural. We belong in this world as much as do bacteria, bell flowers, and blue whales. Or to put it another way, we too are part of a world blessed by God and called by Him "good," and we too are created male and female in God's image.

George Inness, Delaware Water Gap, 1861

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