Monday, June 13, 2016

Solidarity with Orlando in New York Today

My pictures from today's rally in historic Sheridan Square in front of the Stonewall Bar.

The Stonewall Bar, the 2 original buildings that were built as stables for delivery horses for Macy's about a century ago.  This is the crowd from about a half hour before the rally began.

People getting interviewed

The media

The front of the Stonewall Bar.  The current Stonewall Bar is a reincarnation of the original and occupies only half the space.


The crowds in Sheridan Square at the start of the rally looking toward Grove Street, easily the biggest and most crowded rally I've ever seen in Sheridan Square.

The rally crowd looking north toward the stage (which I could not see).

I stayed through Governor Andrew Cuomo's speech, but left soon after. My back was starting to hurt, and the close crowd was making me a little claustrophobic.

I wouldn't have missed it though.

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