Saturday, October 8, 2011

And So It Spreads

Occupy Boise! Protesters on the steps of the Idaho state capitol

Occupy Wall Street is now Occupy DC, Boston, LA, Tampa, Austin, Seattle, etc. Here's a great series of pictures from all of them posted at The Atlantic.

Our own Grandmere Mimi leaves Thibodaux to join the hippies in New Orleans.

And unlike the Tea Party, this is spreading without Koch brothers' money or free broadcast time from Fox News.

Damn hippies.

Occupy Wall Street spells it all out, and Keith Olbermann just reads it:


I now have reliable reports of "Occupy Casper, Wyoming" and "Occupy Syracuse." I've also heard stories of Canadians wanting to get in on the act. Fine with me. Hands across the border.


The protests have indeed begun in Canada. Check out Occupy Vancouver. Thanks Janet Murray.


June Butler said...

Thanks for the link, Counterlight.

So far as I've seen the demonstrators are peaceful. The only violence is by the police. Thank goodness I neither saw nor heard of any that in New Orleans.

Tristan Alexander said...

Thank You for this, I am spreading it around!

Counterlight said...

It's all my pleasure.