Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photos From the Front

Went down to Zuccotti Park downtown today to see the hard core Occupy Wall Street contingent camped out there. I went with my friend David Kaplan to donate a pair of blankets I bought for them. The nights are starting to get cold. I stayed only briefly, but I took some photos.

Zuccotti Park viewed from Liberty Plaza. In the background is a Di Suvero sculpture. In the foreground are throngs of people, protesters, gawkers, tourists, sympathizers, and street folk.

Zuccotti Park viewed from Broadway. Despite the apparent chaos, the whole thing was well organized with donations of food, blankets, and clothing constantly coming in. In the foreground in this picture is an impromptu library. There were kitchens, and a remarkably sophisticated press office fielding interviews and managing what appeared to be internet broadcasting equipment.

Here is dangerous radical attorney David Kaplan, who volunteered his services as a legal observer.

Here I am looking like warmed over death with sinus irritation. I have a terrible cold. I had a wonderful time despite that, and I hope I didn't donate my cold with the blankets.

Some of the young campers, most of which looked very young.

The police seemed very relaxed considering all the news about police brutality at the rallies, possibly because of signs like this, possibly too because most of the violence is committed by police supervisors who tend to be resented by the rank and file cops.

Making signs.

Various signs. There were a number of spreads of signs around the park.

A favorite sign.

Another favorite sign

Meditating to wake up.

Even more people camped out in the park

And what's a protest without drummers?

The park is right next to the World Trade Center site. Here is #4 WTC from the park.

And behind #4 World Trade Center, #1 rises.

Here is a collection of hardhat union signs at the WTC site. Could the slow-motion plutocratic coup d'etat threatening our country drive those old enemies hard hats and hippies together? Could be. Unions were a big presence in the park with the hippies; SEIU, TWU the transit workers, the UAW, and the teachers' union.

We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both.
-- Justice Louis D. Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Court


Paul Krugman sides with the hippies this morning, and why not? The Very Serious Guys in Suits have been lying or stupid for 30 years.


PseudoPiskie said...

Thanks for this, Doug.

Leonard said...

Really like the ¨on the ground¨ coverage-- thanks so much, Doug


MarkBrunson said...

Thank you!

Let me tell you, I've never seen a more violent, wolfish-looking man than that Kaplan! Look at that evil, saturnine face! (captioned for the sarcastically-impaired)

JCF said...

Is Zuccotti Park a re-naming? (Because I don't recognize it)


[Love the "when Texas executes one" sign. Brill!]

IT said...

Love the sideburns, Doug. Are you channeling the 70s? ;-)

Counterlight said...

I always knew that park as Liberty Plaza park when I worked at the former WTC Borders store. Zuccotti may be the official name, and Liberty may be the common usage.

And yes, David Kaplan is as dangerous as he looks. He sets off car alarms just walking down the street.

Yes, I am channeling the 70s. Bring back da funk!

Counterlight said...

Walking around looking at the campers was the first time I seriously missed being young. If I was 25 years younger, I'd be right there with them. Everyone looked so determined, and so happy.

Lapinbizarre said...

Have lifted wonderful corporations/Texas poster for facebook. Hope this is OK. Roger

Counterlight said...

You're welcome to them and help your self.

susan s. said...

Great pictures, Doug! And was glad to see the Di Suvero sculpture! His 'studio' is about 45 minutes up 101 in Petaluma. I see it every time I go up to Healdsburg. Sometimes he's even working on something that's visible from the Freeway.