Sunday, October 16, 2011

Prayer in Liberty Plaza

Attended an interfaith prayer service down at Liberty Plaza today. Buddhist monks, rabbis, Catholic priests, and Protestant ministers participated. We had a surprisingly large crowd. I expected the campers down there not to be into the whole religion thing, but a lot of them joined in.

We opened the service with this radical anthem written by a lesbian to protest the takeover of the American landscape by banking and railroad interests.

Here it is sung by the Moron Fishingtackle Choir:


To be honest, I read about the radical origins of America the Beautiful many years ago I remember not where. Perhaps someone with a little more time and scholarship can tell me what that source might have been, or if I just dreamed it sometime long ago.
Katherine Lee Bates did have a 25 year long relationship with Katherine Conan, a so-called "Boston Marriage." As to what if any sexuality was involved, the historical records remain discreet.

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