Thursday, October 27, 2011

Giles Fraser Resigns

Giles Fraser, contributing columnist at The Guardian and canon priest at St. Paul's Cathedral, resigns over the decision of the chapter to pursue legal action against OLSX protesters camped outside. Here's the BBC report.


Counterlight said...

Madpriest scoffs, but I can't imagine a comparable figure in the American Establishment (there ain't none) doing anything similar. There are no megachurch pastors out there thinking of leaving their lucrative religious broadcasting and entertainment businesses behind to express any sympathy with any Occupy protesters anywhere.

The only thing comparable in this country would be for Joel Olsteen to quit his lucrative and politically influential career to express sympathy for the protesters, and that ain't ever gonna happen.

Our public priests are all just as bought and paid for as our politicians, and are oh so eager to be co-opted by the corporate oligarchy.

Leonard said...

The resignation of Giles Fraser is a very important ¨quality¨ personal statement and a sign of the ¨state¨ of much wrong at the core of living/working in a religious system faced with basic ¨character¨ flaws starting with denial/pretend and outright deceit...the leadership of Rowan Williams, Archsnob of Canterbury, and his pandering buddies will continue to harm the C of E greatly...afterall, wasn´t it just last week the diocese of London synod rejected the legislation authorizing female bishops at the C of E? We all know the story behind the cowardly behavior of Dr. Williams when faced with denying qualified, and called, ¨Gay¨ Clergy to serve, or even be nominated by the Crown Nominating Committee, as Bishops...Rowan Williams throws fits of rage and conspires against change (except his plan to make himself a more powerful figure at The Anglican Communion via his punitive Anglican Covenant). These are not just ¨signs¨ of the times, they are signs of weak/rotting standards and ethics and thank God, Giles Fraser has the courage to say NO to such in such a morally compromised Cathedral community.

Leonard said...

The Reverend Canon Giles Fraser ought immediately be elevated to Bishop of London (I had a dream) and replace the Rt. Reverend Richard Chartres...asap, as he ought become The Archbishop of Canterbury FAST and set a new and youthful/high standard for decency, moral righteousness and, God willing, common sense preaching at the Church of England. Lord hear my dream

JCF said...

MP should understand that "they also serve who only stand and resign from high positions (if they had them)." It isn't a righteousness competition.

Thank you, Dr Fraser, for doing the right thing.