Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy The Democratic Party

Robert Reich has a good cautionary essay that points out that today's Democratic Party has precious little in common with its populist progressive prior incarnations, that this President is very friendly with Wall Street.

Perhaps it is time for the Democratic Party in Washington to get with its historic constituencies or get out of the way. It seems to me that many state level Democrats are way out ahead in this respect.

If this really does turn into an influential political movement, the spearhead of a return of left populism, then I'll take back everything I ever said about Americans being passive peasants.

The lesson of the Arab Spring is that when leaders and institutions fail, people can take matters into their own hands. Some very solid and entrenched mountains got moved in the Middle East, and others are getting very shakey. I see no reason why similar oligarchies here can't be brushed aside.


it's margaret said...

It makes me VERY nervous that this President has selected a "Jobs Czar" in a man who has shipped away more jobs over seas than anyone.... I don't hold much hope for the American worker. --we've become pyramid builders... happy to die.... would that we were passive peasant....

JCF said...

You must have already seen the 60 Minutes feature I'm watching (here on the West Coast) right now.

GE's new Mississippi plant: let's hear from the union shop steward now. The union shop steward? Hello, hello?

{sound of crickets}

Daniel Weir said...

I hope that progressives make what I consider to be the prudent choice and vote for an imperfect but preferable candidate next year, while keeping up the pressure on the President.