Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Priest Considers Resigning From the Chapter at St. Paul's

The Reverend Canon Mark Oakley may resign from his post over the chapter's decision to pursue legal action against protesters camped outside the cathedral. The cathedral and the Church of England appear to be hurtling blindly toward a major disaster. The silence from Lambeth Palace across the Thames is deafening, as usual. The PM, David Cameron wants to push legislation specifically banning protest camps through parliament.

According to this article in The Independent, a cathedral chaplain, Fraser Dyer, resigned over the chapter's response to the protesters. He follows Reverend Canon Giles Fraser who resigned days ago.

I think this is going to be major catastrophe. I wonder if the remaining members of the cathedral chapter and the City Corporation really believe that a court order and a police sweep is going to end this. I think they should take a close look at the experience of Oakland last week. That police action only made things much worse for the city, and far from ending the problem, only made the protesters more determined and angry while increasing public sympathy for them. They are kicking a hornet's nest.

Does the Church of England hierarchy want something like this playing out on the steps of Saint Paul's?

Do they actually imagine that such an action would solve anything, or even end it?

Hat tip to Thinking Anglicans.


My friend Weiben comments on Facebook that the C of E hierarchy made complete asses out of themselves over sex and gender issues, and they're doing it again over social justice. At least they are consistent, he says.
The Sunday editorial pages in the UK appear to agree with Weiben.

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Lapinbizarre said...

Good piece by A.N Wilson (the novelist, not A. Wilson, the bishop) in the Evening Standard and an interesting post by Peter Ould at Huffington Post.