Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm In Love With Rachel Maddow

David Frum has a lot of nerve complaining about the "politics of resentment." His party invented it with Nixon's famous "Southern Strategy" in 1968. Nixon won by exploiting the resentments of Southern whites over the Civil Rights movement, and despite the fact that resentful Southern whites had their own candidate in George Wallace that year. You could even argue that the GOP "politics of resentment" goes as far back as Joe McCarthy. And David Frum has certainly played a large part in creating today's toxic polarized climate.
As Digby points out, Frum has a lot of nerve complaining about Sarah Palin's competence, considering the fact that he played such a big role in building a cult around the current occupant of the White House who is clearly out of his depth; a C student cheer-leader who has coasted through life on money and connections, living proof that legacy admissions are affirmative action for rich white people.

I love Rachel's performance here. She keeps her cool and stands her ground despite Frum's repeated attempts to provoke her. I've enjoyed her show since she first appeared on Air America, and I'm glad she brought Kent Jones with her to television.  Finally, a liberal progressive who won't back down in a fight and who knows how to take it to the opponents and make them squeal.  This so refreshing after so many years of Alan Colmes being the token liberal on teevee, who's there only to make Sean Hannity look more manly and decisive.
She gets my vote for Most Beautiful Lesbian on teevee (sorry Ellen).

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Me too! Every lesbian in America is agreeing with your post title.