Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"The Polka Dot Lives On"

I'm still swamped in work, gentle readers.  Though, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The midterm grades are finally finished, though there are still loads of class preparations to be done.  It seems I've been spending most of my time pushing red pens and working calculators figuring out grade averages, working the scanner, Google, and Powerpoint to make slides for the German art course, reading necessary scholarly stuff, and spending lots and lots and lots of time on trains getting from one place to the other.  And between the flu and asthma, I've been spending a lot of time with doctors, and too much time at pharmacies.  Thank God, the flu is finally over, but I feel exhausted these days.  And boyfriend is going through a lot of stress with his job, and his porphyria is acting up with a painful rash and joint pains on top of it all.  And then, there is the mad last week of the election campaign.

If you're very busy going door to door, or canvassing by phone for one candidate or another in this final campaign week, or just very stressed out, then take a break and fire up your bong for Busby Berkely's weirdest most spectacular number, the "Polka Dot Polka" from The Gang's All Here:

"A journey to a star would not be very far, as long as I'm alone with you..."

Who needs Prozac when you've got Technicolor?

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Anonymous said...


hrrrmmm...just a couple of months ago I threw away a yellow tie with purple polka dots that I wore in 1992 in Jacksonville to interview a candidate for the episcopate here in CT...I chose correctly then (Jecko), but now I think I probably shouldn't have thrown the tie away.