Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lest We Get Too Confident

Yes, our man is on top in the polls right now, but keep this picture in mind...


Cany said...

Good warning, counterlight.

We must keep working until the polls close on Nov. 4th. We cannot and must not stop!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

YES, we must remain vigilant! I watched McCain in Pennsylvania today on CNN INTERNATIONAL...he sounded believable and he was throwing every $$$ perk type idea he could at the crowd...trouble was, he was still lying about Obama´s approach, but he was preaching to his own crowd so he came off fairly well...MY head got turned for a moment until he started in with the lies...then I realized I´d been suckered too...perfect, 8 more years of having another bullsh*t artist strip the Country and drench us in blood.

McCain will try ANYTHING...he will doubletalk ANYTHING...meanwhile, they´ve sent Sarah off to the semi-safelands of Indiana to talk smoozie and try and save the State from a OBAMA victory...my dear friend, of thirty years, in South Bend reports that she´s NEVER seen so much interest in a Democrat candidate and so much very ugly verbal abuse tossed around about Sarah...my friend also is alarmed that IF THE REPUBLICANS pull any shady ELECTION DAY nonsense with the Ballots...Civil War will breakout...I was reminded of the Watts riots and Rodney King...it´s the real deal but I´m not certain Republicans give a damn about consequences as they´d probably BLAME others very fast (as they run and hide) and try and grab whatever they can with NO MORAL considerations...love it, the Fundies on parade...a very sickly righteous group capable of any swarmy thing (but we Episcopalians know that story very well).

toujoursdan said...

I am worried about the Bradley effect. I think he is too high for that to change things but you never know.

Prop 8 also looks bad.

Anonymous said...

I am worried about the Bradley effect too, but not as much as I was a few months ago.

Some wit commented that there might be a McCain/Palin effect - middle-class suburbanites in locations where everyone is Republican planning to vote for Obama but unwilling to let other people know that they are voting for him.

I do wish that someone would ask McCain why he was against torturing prisoners of war until he was for torturing them. I have to say that I disagreed with him on many issues but didn't really hold him in contempt until he did a U-turn on torture.

I do think that the Palin abuse has gone too far. It is one thing to make fun of her ridiculous statements, it is another thing to go make and sell a Palin blow up sex doll or porn.