Thursday, October 30, 2008

The "United" States

Take a look at this.

As I've always said, one of the amazing things about the USA is that we've had only one civil war.
I remember families coming apart over the Vietnam War, just as they are coming apart now over the Iraq War and the Bush agenda... a whole country with 300 million socially maladjusted people who hate each other's guts.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

and Mr. Bush, Rove, Chaney and Rumsfeld have given many of us great material to be angry about over the past eight+ years...fascinating to me is how the fear and hate-mongers (and active participants in oppression,exploitation of other human beings and instigators of crime and murder abroad) dress themselves up...they actually ¨use¨the higher standard of decency to cover acts of bigotry and greed...but then, there is nothing new under the Sun...why should I be amazed?

johnieb said...

And with the Constitutional right to own surplus howitzers, rocket launchers, and other "sporting" equipment.

PseudoPiskie said...

Most of it formented by people, especially clergy, who call themselves "Christians".