Saturday, April 4, 2009

American as Baseball, Apple Pie, and Random Gun Violence

Has anyone bothered to notice that 30 people have died in gun rampages in the USA since last Sunday, including one in Pittsburgh today?  That lunatic killed 3 cops and held the SWAT team at bay in a 4 hour gun battle before getting wounded himself and giving up.  The cops are outgunned by the wingnuts and the drug cartel entrepreneurs.  And just where do they get those heavy weapons?  How about states where it's as easy to buy a gun as a can of tunafish?  Could those same states be the source of all the heavy weaponry fueling the drug wars in Mexico?  Perish the thought!

There are those who insist that we'd all be safer if we all packed heat.  Fine, let's save ourselves a big pile of tax money and get rid of the police department.  Let's save an even bigger pile of tax money and get rid of the military while we're at it.

As I recall, Lebanon in the 1970s had more guns than people, and look how safe that place was.


That number just went up by 5, this time all children.


toujoursdan said...

One of the most eye opening culture differences was a conversation I had with co-workers in Dallas. I worked with university educated professionals, mostly in tech and HR. All of them owned guns and couldn't believe I would never do such a thing, or that I had never touched a gun. Very different worlds indeed.

Davis said...

How'd you get so smart Doug?

JCF said...

The USA "alienation + guns" equation is deadly at any time . . . but toss in "high unemployment", and you've got a recipe for repeated rampage...

Lord have mercy!

[Could we have more JOBS, and fewer guns, please?]

Counterlight said...

I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that the Popes visit the USA relatively rarely because the Vatican considers it as dangerous as the Middle East, and for the same reasons; lots of religious fanatics and lots of guns.