Thursday, April 16, 2009

Velvet Underground

They just don't make glamorous young heroin addicts like they used to.

And there's this lovely song about the great Candy Darling:

Here are some pictures of Candy, a pioneer of the 1930s revival long before it became fashionable.

Speaking of old times, Stonewall happened 40 years ago this year (40 years! oy!). Maybe I should do a few posts. I've known some people who were there.  And, I know some people who were nearby.


it's margaret said...

Yes please. Posts on Stonewall....

Easter blessings Doug.

MadPriest said...
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MadPriest said...

Brilliant, Doug. Candy was the greatest.

And, yes, you must coordinate the neighbourhood celebrations. Perhaps we could do a virtual production of the stage version of "Stonewall." I definitely see KJ as Ethan, you know what a peace-lover our KJ is. You have to be Matty, of course. I'd love the lead, but there is no way I could get into LaMiranda's gowns nowadays.