Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gay Marriage in New York?

Governor Patterson plans to introduce legislation to legalize gay marriage in New York State this week.

Of course, this dude will fight it tooth and nail, and has said so.  As for the new "Gay rights si!  Gay marriage no!" line coming from the Archdiocese, don't believe it for a minute.  The Archdiocese successfully fought anti-discrimination legislation in the NYC City Council for almost 20 years, making a few phone calls to keep it blocked up in committee before it could ever reach the Council or the Mayor.

I'm still predicting that California will have it (again) before we do.

The NY Times finally comes out with the story this morning.


JCF said...

I'm still predicting that California will have it before we do.You mean, "have it again."

I just hope one gets it VERY soon, and the other follows very soon after!

Pretty weird, how that cat (momentarily) jumped in Gov. Paterson's lap at the Mets' Home (Stadium) Opener! :-0

IT said...

I predict CA won't have it before 2010 or 2012 at the earliest....and it would not surprise me if we lose then too. Regardless it will be with a lot more blood sweat and tears than this last one, exhausting and expensive and deeply deeply damaging.

Hate generally is.

Counterlight said...

You're right, JCF, and I made the correction.

Yes it will be more corrosive struggle in California, but I still remain more optimistic about your state than mine. Our governor is behind it, the mayor of NYC is behind it, the state assembly is behind it, but there are powerful forces in the state senate that are very much opposed, and keep the legislation bottled up in committee. There is substantial opposition from the still powerful Catholic hierarchy, and from Latino evangelicals.