Monday, April 20, 2009

Orthodox Easter in New York.

A friend of mine attended Orthodox Easter Vigil at Holy Virgin of Protection Russian Orthodox Cathedral on East Second Street in the East Village. The service began a little before midnight, and was scheduled to last all night.  As is usual with long Orthodox services, people come and go constantly.  My friend took a break during Matins and went outside for a cigarette.  He saw a large group of pious elderly Russian women gathered on the steps talking quietly while they could hear the service being chanted inside.  A gaggle of extravagantly dressed trannies walked toward them up Second Street at 1AM.  The old Russian women stopped them saying, "Can we have our pictures taken with you?"  The trannies complained that they were in a hurry to work, but relented and struck poses with the happy old women, who clicked away with their cameras.
Happy Russian babushkas posing and taking photos with drag queens on the street in front of the church while listening to the chanting of Matins inside -- only in New York.


toujoursdan said...

What a great story! That's what I love about this city.

JCF said...

I can just see the trannies now:

In their Easter bonnets,
With all the frills upon it,
They'll be the Grandest Ladies
In the Easter Parade!

I've done that go in&out thang (get your minds out of the gutter, you lot! ;-X) at an EO Easter service before. It really is a different way of approaching worship: more like catching a long baseball game (going to get a hotdog & beer during a lull!)

But at the same time, nobody does "reverent mystery" like the EOs....

Happy Bright Week, EOs: Indeed, He has Risen!