Friday, May 20, 2011

Ah San Francisco!

Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill, perfectly appropriate for this post

I love San Francisco dearly, one of the most beautiful and wonderful cities on earth, but there are times when the place is just a little too meshugge.

The proposed ballot initiative to ban circumcision is a splendid example. Supposedly, no religious exceptions will be made, putting both Jewish and Muslim communities in an extremely awkward and difficult position.

I must admit that I have no strong feelings one way or another on the issue of circumcision. Like 80% of American males born before 1980, mine is a snippy. It's never given me (or anyone concerned) any cause for complaint. I don't feel particularly strongly for or against boys who want to keep their tips. I'm wondering why this issue should inflame the City By The Bay enough to demand a ballot initiative in November.

I love San Francisco, but there are times when it can be to the Left what Oklahoma is to the Right. Circumcision ban, meet Sharia law ban.

Imagine, no more mohel jokes in SF. No more would the punch line "... and he just took tips" be heard from Golden Gate Park to the Mission District.


susan s. said...

This is the kind of thing that makes me crazy! I hope that they don't expect to go back in the files and start prosecuting those of us who were only doing what was recommended by the doctors.

Rick+ said...

Ach, goyem... what can you do?

Paul (A.) said...

Or, ". . . rub it, and it becomes a suitcase!"

JCF said...

putting both Jewish and Muslim communities in an extremely awkward and difficult position

Not as awkward and difficult a position as they put young boys! :-X


No SRSLY, not having a "snippable" (Dang) nor being the parent of one---and more importantly, living 90 miles East of "The City"---this is an issue I'm not touching w/ a ten-foot...scalpel!