Friday, May 20, 2011

More on Atheism

Counterlight's Peculiars' favorite atheist, IT, a scientist out there on the Left Coast, wrote 2 splendid posts on atheism on her blog, Friends of Jake. It is in two parts. Part one is about her experiences with church. Part two is her thoughts on the relationship between science and religion, and from someone who knows firsthand about both. The discussion in the comments is definitely worth reading.

Here is a small sample from her posts:

Believe it or not, most non-believers really don't care if you believe. We aren't making a religion out of our faithlessness, because we just don't get it. When people ask me if I "worship" Darwin, I am really puzzled. They are projecting their need to believe in Something, and assuming that someone who doesn't believe in God has replaced Him. But this concept is completely alien to me. Darwin was just a scientist, who like all of us got some things right, and some things wrong. I don't "worship" him or anyone else. I really don't have that wiring.

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